Theikona leather goods are created with the finest, high quality materials. Each leather has its own creases and variations that make it unique, this is a natural quality of the leather.


In order to ensure a longer lasting lifetime of your product -

        Avoid overexposure of sunlight and humidity.

       Take care to avoid contact with liquids, & oils.

        Avoid washing the leather with soap. To clean leather, please take it to a leather goods repair store

       If needed use a damp cloth to wipe away any residue.

       For lighter colored leather goods, keep away from dark colored materials to avoid dye transfers onto your leather good.


VEGetable TAN Leather 

vegetable tan leather is a naturally dyed leather that is not coated with harsh chemicals and more environmentally friendly

The leather's natural oils will rise to the surface over time and will darken to create a beautiful patina 

Store in the Drawstring bag and avoid sunlight when not in use