6 Things to Know about Theikona

We appreciate your interest in this small design studio. We want you to get to know us and us to get to know you! We take great pride in our work and our products and want you to know exactly what you are buying and how it came to be.


1. Started by Two Designers

Theikona was started by the restless minds of two sisters, both Fashion Designers and alumni of Parsons Fashion School of Design. One Designer worked in the fashion industry in Menswear & the other in Womenswear. They worked in the fashion industry under many prestigious New York design houses, such as Urban Zen by Donna Karan, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Calvin Klein, and John Varvatos. With their constant overflow of creativity and yearning for conceptual, edgier designs, they created Theikona, a unisex design studio that focused on fine handcrafted goods.

2. Our Brand        
The name Theikona is a fusion of two Greek words Theos for divinity and Eikona meaning icon.
Theikona stands for divine icon - Our focus is on bringing unique, modern, edgy, but timeless designs to the traditional luxury market.
We are inspired by many cultures and their history - their stories are often woven into our work. We love ancient symbolism and iconography, and we redesign them to standout in today's fast paced modern life.


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3. We Believe in Slow Fashion and Handcrafted Luxury Goods

We support Slow Fashion, meaning we take the time and care to create beautifully handcrafted goods sustainably. Churning out trends quickly is not part of our brand. We don’t support the wasteful fashion model of overproducing and wasting products and resources.
Our designs and goods are meant to be created without season or trend and are loved and used for years.
We are a luxury fashion company not because it sounds fancy but because it promotes slow fashion and hand-craftsmanship that is drowning in a fast fashion driven world.


4. We are American Made  

Manufacturing in the U.S. an integral part of the brand. We take pride in the fact that our leather goods are created in New York. It celebrates and preserves the craftsmanship still left in the U.S. and supports our local economy.

What local manufacturing also means is that we prevent unnecessary shipping to and from countries overseas and keep a healthy carbon footprint. We even make our paper and packaging in the US!



5. A Sustainable and Eco Friendly Way to design

We use only the finest leathers from Italy not only because of their beautiful quality, but because of their environmental regulations in place to protect leather workers and the environment. Most leathers come from countries that do not have regulations for their tanneries.

We try to use Natural Vegetable Tan Leather which does not use harmful dyes, and uses the leather in it’s natural state, treating the leather with more natural materials. This means that the leather will show it’s wear and change color over time, aging naturally. Our Veg Tan leathers show their usage and tell their unique story.

We make sure our products come from a sustainable source, help sustain the local economy, and are items you will cherish for many years to come.


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6. Theikona Studios - offers Custom Made

Change the colors, ask for a design tweak!
Most of our items are Made to Order - meaning it is made when you order it, not already made and sitting in storage.
We can change the leather to use Natural Veg Tan available for any of our items, or you can ask for a solid color wallet, pouch or bag instead of color blocking.
Our Bracelets can be Custom Sized to you - any special laser engraving can be requested at no charge.
Our studio is here to provide you with the customization needed to create a special, one of a kind item.

The choice is yours! You can contact us for any information anytime.


We hope you now know more about us and understand how important our products are to us. Hopefully you’ll love them as much as we do!

Always feel free to reach out to us at


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