Always inspired by the Divine, the PURA Collection explores the Balinese culture

Temples, Architectural form, Gods & Guardians were all instrumental in forming this rich body of jewelry & leather goods

Modern interpretations of the Barong (guardian of temples) and ornate temple motifs were embroidered entirely by hand onto leather to create unique one of kind pieces, each design varying depending on the hand of each artist.






The Temple bag's unique shape was inspired by the temples of Bali.

This beautiful bag is made with Natural Grain Leather.
The Temple Bag has a zipper closure down the center. It has the signature pleated pocket in the front with a metal ring, as well as a pocket compartment inside.




The Large Temple bag's has two lightweight metal rings as handles as well as a detachable strap.

There is a zipper closure down the center, as well as a pocket compartment inside.

Pura Clutch


The Column Tote is a single strap long tote made of high quality Italian leather. 

It has the signature pleated pocket in the front with a metal ring, as well as an interior compartment.

It comes in a beautiful Black Grain leather, as well as a Navy Matte Grain leather that’s soft like Nubuck and velvety. The Sun Yellow tote is made from a Natural Nubuck and has a velvety softness finer than suede.

What makes this leather unique and standout are the characteristic marks and impressions of a real top grain leather. 



The Earrings from our Pura Collection were inspired by the patterns we found during our travels in Bali with a fusion of our Iconic logo.



Inspired by the divine, the Contours Collection looks to the spiritual lifelines originating from India. 

Drawn from studying iconic symbols such as the Mandala - the collection focuses on subtle contouring and shadowing to create new forms, which is done by mixing textures of leather, as well as using the latest in technology to contour complex images down to the millimeter immaculately with Laser Engraving.

It is our permanent line with timeless designs. 

Trapezoid Clutch
from 395.00